Review: Teela Clayton, PR Academy

Masters student Teela Clayton reviewed the fifth edition of Exploring PR and Management Communication for PR Academy. You can read the full review on the PR Academy website.

Ralph Tench – himself well known in the world of PR as an academic researcher and scholar having helmed the EUPRERA project – has teamed up with Stephen Waddington, managing partner of Wadds Inc – to provide a robust and holistic overview of the current landscape of public relations.

To say they both know their stuff is an understatement; it’s a pertinent text given the advances – and challenges – in the industry over the year, and gives comprehensive coverage of the global crisis. 

For me, as in previous editions, this ticks all my boxes for a complete tool for learning. It marries critical analysis with real-life case studies and examples, seamlessly blending the theory with the practical.

Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication leaves its rivals in the dust: it isn’t just a schoolbook for undergraduates. It isn’t just a reference for post-graduates. It’s a definitive resource that almost certainly has a place in every office in every organisation and every sector. It fills in the gaps of those things that nobody-ever-teaches-you and even some-of-the-things-you-thought-you-knew.

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