Definitive public relations textbook sets out bold ambition for professional development

Pearson has published the fifth edition of Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication

Education, learning, and professional development are the public relations industry’s biggest barriers to progress. The discipline is frequently undervalued by management and has failed to reach its potential.

This issue is tackled head on by a new book called Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication edited by Ralph Tench and Stephen Waddington. It aims to bridge the divide between theory and practice.

Public relations is an industry that aspires to become a profession but often fails to adopt the necessary discipline and rigour.

Practitioners frequently fail to meet one or more of the criteria for a profession: qualifications; continuous professional development; a strong community of theory and practice; and an enforceable ethical framework.

Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication is a definitive guide to public relations theory and practice. It has been written by a community of 35 international expert contributors. It has a robust approach to learning design combining theory and practice, case studies, and practitioner diaries.

Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication is the most open-minded book I know. It is theoretical and practical at the same time. It provides an insight in almost all theoretical approaches and different ideas on how to look at and do public relations, and it raises unsettled questions about the definition, the tasks of the professional, the debate about professional ethics, and the issue of its impact,” said Betteke van Ruler, Professor Emerita Corporate Communication and Communication Management Department of Communication Science, University of Amsterdam.

The book is split into five sections.

  1. The context of public relations
  2. Public relations theories and concepts
  3. Public relations specialisms
  4. Sectorial considerations
  5. The future of PR and strategic communication

Key chapters cover brand, reputation, media, planning and measurement. Chapters on specialist areas of practice include celebrity, fashion, finance, health and sports.

The book also examines some of the critical issues facing the future or public relations practice. These include artificial intelligence, COVID-19, disinformation, diversity and mental health.

Exploring PR and Management Communication is published by Pearson (January 2021) priced £45. You can pre-order a copy from Amazon. For further information about the book please see

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