Review: Scott Guthrie, The Influencer Marketing Lab

Scott Guthrie reviewed the fifth edition of Exploring PR and Management Communication for The Influencer Marketing Lab. You can read the full review on Scott’s website.

Public relations’ issues are tackled head on by Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication edited by Ralph Tench and Stephen Waddington. Set across five sections:  the context of public relations; public relations theories and concepts; public relations specialisms; sectorial considerations and the future of PR and strategic communication the book aims to bridge the divide between theory and practice.

Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication is a definitive guide to public relations theory and practice. It has been written by a community of 35 international expert contributors. It has a robust approach to learning design combining theory and practice, case studies, and practitioner diaries.

Exploring Public Relations and Managment Communication is the preferred textbook for universities around the world as well as for professional bodies and professional courses which adopt it as their core text. 

Returning to the book’s foreword Betteke van Rule notes that the book’s themes are “what public relations is and could be, how to mange it for an organisation, what it does in and for society.” The book is at once both theoretical and practical; esoteric and accessible. My hope is that one day influencer marketing will boast a text as rounded and as useful as Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication.

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