Review: Jennifer Sanchis, CARMA

Jennifer Sanchis reviewed the fifth edition of Exploring PR and Management Communication for The Influencer Marketing Lab. You can read the full review on the CARMA website.

If you went to university, chances are that you came across one book that was a game changer. Whether it was the book that made you choose your career, helped you pass your exams, or inspired the topic of your dissertation, it’s likely we all remember one seminal text above all others.

For me, that special book is Exploring Public Relations, Third Edition, by Ralph Tench and Liz Yeomans (2013), which was vital during my Masters’ degree in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs.

This book was an actual PR bible (no exaggeration). It covered so many different aspects of PR, from media relations and crisis management, to CSR and PR evaluation, and it offered a perfect blend of theory and real-life case studies.

Since my graduation, I’ve changed cities, houses and jobs and have always kept that one PR book on the shelf. You know, just in case “I needed to check something”.

So when Stephen Waddington announced his collaboration with Ralph Tench on the fifth edition of Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication, I was naturally very excited to get a copy – anticipating another seminal tome which would take up a place on my bookshelf.

Getting a fundamental yet practical textbook about the industry you work in gives you the tools to think critically, make valuable contributions to your profession and understand the implications of your work. And there are plenty of valuable lessons to be learned from Stephen and Ralph 

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