Virtual book tour

Request a session for your class or community with Prof Ralph Tench and Stephen Waddington to talk about Exploring Public Relations and Management Communication.

Exploring Public Relations was originally conceived in 2005 as a collaboration between Ralph Tench and Liz Yeomans at Leeds Beckett University. Through four editions the book has innovated and led the way in the field of public relations and strategic communication textbooks.

Stephen Waddington joined Ralph Tench to create a new editorial partnership for the fifth edition bringing insight from practice. That began with a modification to the title to Exploring PR and Management Communication in a bid to reflect the growing contribution of public relations to management.

The fifth edition of Exploring PR and Management Communication has been written by 35 authors over the past three years. It was published by Pearson in January 2021.

If you’d like Ralph and Stephen to host a discussion about Exploring PR and Management Communication with your public relations classes or communities, please complete the following form. We’ll aim to accommodate you wherever we can.

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